Hydration: What Every Runner Should Know

Water makes up about 55% to 78% of your body. When you sweat a lot, your body’s water level decreases and affects normal bodily functions.

Running is one of the physical activities that can cause one to sweat. So, if you plan to compete in a running race or marathon, ensure you stay adequately hydrated.

If you experience dehydration or have an underlying medical condition that makes you sweat excessively, consider dropping by a medical clinic for consultation. This site may help you locate a healthcare facility near you....

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Meet Megan Meaux - Race Director of the Month

This month we'd like to introduce you to Megan Meaux, Special Events Manager for The Woodlands Township

Tell us your story?  Why did you become a race director?...

My career in Special Events began 14 years ago when I started working for our local Parks and Rec Department in college. I was somehow lucky enough to find a job back home in The Woodlands in a different role, but transitioned into my current position as Special Events Manager for The Woodlands Township in 2015. My division is responsible
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