Running In The Dark?


Sometimes running in full daylight is not an option due to heat, sun, and our schedule. And when running in low-light conditions, safety is a big issue.

Self Magazine published an article called 14 Products Runners Swear By When They Run in the Dark.

In the article, they quoted Jean Knaack, the executive director of Road Runners Club of America. She said, "If not using some type of illumination, it is critical that people don’t wear all black or dark clothing when they run in the dark.”

The author then went on to recommend 14 products to help you stay visible in low light conditions.

The products mentioned were 1) NoxGear Vest (a popular vest that lights up); 2) Nike Speed 7/8 Running Tights Reflective Leggings (mid-rise workout tights with reflective stripes along the front of your shins and a Nike logo on the hip); 3) HiVisible Reflective Vest With Reflective Bands (360-degree visibility from 800 feet according to a runner who loves them); 4) Athleta Rainier Tights (boasting a reflective strip on the thigh pocket and reflective dots on the back of the calves - with multiple zip pockets); 5) Brilliant Reflective Strips (can be ironed on or stuck to your clothing and gear); 6) Black Diamond Headlamp (to help you see and be seen); 7) FlipBelt Reflective PT Belt (there’s a reflective version and can be a great way to keep your essentials safe).

The article went on to highlight 8) Knuckle Lights Rechargeable Handheld Light (waterproof lights you can hold in your hand to help navigate rocks, root, and uneven sidewalks); 9) AVANTO Clip On Running Light (great because you can magnetically clip it anywhere, it’s rechargeable, and has a strobe feature to make sure you’re seen by traffic); 10) Amphipod Smiley Face Light (fun, flashing and very bright lightweight clips); 11) Spibelt Running Belt (another belt runners seem to love due to the minimal design); 12) Nathan Reflex Reflective Snap-On Bands (like a slap bracelet you can curl around your wrists and ankles to be seen); 13) Fabletics High-Waisted Trinity Run Short (colorful, XXS to 4X size, and have reflective trim); and 14) Lululemon Hotty Hot Short II (reflective strips and a hidden pocket for valuables).

You can check out the items above - but most of all, please stay safe. Drunk drivers, tired drivers, even pedestrians (hopefully not drivers) texting can be hazardous. If you can see and be seen, you’ll be much safer when you’re out there.