What is Plex and how it's work?


I often refer to Plex as a streaming service, and this is technically true: Plex tv link takes videos stored in a remote location and streams them to a receiver,usually attached to a television. However, Plex isn’t a streaming service in the same way as a subscription program like Netflix,or even an à la carte storefront like Vudu.Unlike iTunes, Plex can read just about every media file format you can think of.So if you’ve gotten into the habit of running your media through a converter like HandBrake (Windows,Mac) to make it compatible with your software, you can do away with that step.Best of all,your Plex library can also be shared with other Plex users, making it an ideal way to give friends and family members access to your media without having to upload all of it to a third-party cloud service like Google Drive or iCloud. Though some limitations need to be considered, such as the power of your Plex server and the bandwidth of your internet plan, it can be a great way to include others. There's also a fun Watch Together feature we'll get into below that allows you to watch your favorite movies and shows with friends.And if that isn't enough, Plex also operates its own ad-supported free streaming video service known as Plex Free Movies and TV, which can be accessed alongside your personal media, as well as live TV and DVR features you can access with the Plex Pass subscription.


The world must be plunged

The world must be plunged into suffering not because of the crimes of the bad guys, but because of the silence of the good people. 

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