Saturday, October 20, 20187:30 am CDT
500 US Hwy 77
Raymondville, Texas 78580

25 and 50 mile Bike Ride/5K Run or Walk to promote education scholarships for students seeking crafts and skills.

BIO on my Father Casimiro Tijerina.  He was born in Rio Hondo Texas on October 1921. After starting school he was taken out of school at the age of 10 (3rd grade).  At that age he  started working as a cowboy for Yturria Ranch until about 1957 when we moved to town.  He became a carpenter’s helper and later became a carpenter and worked at all the lumber companies here in Raymondville.  He could not read and write except for signing his name.  He was  a wiz  with numbers and did build homes and other buildings from the ground up.  When we were working one day, he  said to me   “I would have liked an opportunity for more education.”

Race Day Schedule

Start registration at 6:30am
Bike ride at 7:30am
Run at 8:00am

Entry Fees

Bike Ride $35.00

Run and walk $20.00

Contact Info

Manuel Tijerina 956-357-9768,or Steve Million at 956-966-9293

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