Night Ops Challenge
Saturday, May 04, 2013Time: 6:00 pm CDT
578A FM 153
Smithville, Texas 78957

The Night Ops Challenge is a night adventure race. At dusk, teams of three will be released into the winderness. Over the next few hourse, these teams will have to complete a series of physical and mental tasks in order to complete the race. There is no set course; only checkpoints at fixed locations, The tasts can be completed in whatever order seems best to each team. The challenge of navigating at night in unfamiliar terrain is the constant.

These tasts presnet at NOC have been calibrated to reward teams that work well together and are balanced in body and mind. No experience with orienteering or land naviagation necessary, but teams lacking in smarts, strength and perserverance should stay home.

Afterwards, a sweet party with BBQ, beer, and a night under the stars await.