Saturday, September 22, 20128:00 pm CST
1405 Gruene Road
New Braunfels, Texas 78130

Mud, Sweat, and Toobs

Featuring a 2 mile trek where you haul yout tube the entire way through 3 tubing courses and 15+ obstacles. Teams must tie their tubes together and work as a toeam to complete the challenge

Mud, Guts, and Glory

All the Adventure without the Toob. You still do all of the toobing and course obstacles, but instead of carrying the toob, you go through the obstacle course not once but twice, makingthe course a solid 3 miles.


This race 2.5 mile race features a 72’ Inflatable Obstacle Course start, Toobing in a River, Running, Mud Pits, Obstacles and Toobing in a Lake. You must keep the Tube with you at all times. The race has several options to choose from, Single Person Event, 2 Person Teams and 5 person Teams.
The Team event is designed to be a TEAM building event as the Toobs will be tied together and each member of the Team will be required to hold on to the Toobs at all times.


  • Single Toobers
  • 2 person Teams
  • 5 Person Teams